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1. Flood Prevention for County Courthouse

nisma_1c53fq Edukim April 22, 2018 at 3:12 am
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1. Flood Prevention for County Courthouse

The county courthouse is a historic building that is located in the oldest town in the state. Over the past few years several “localized” floods have occurred in the two-block region surrounding the courthouse. These floods develop as a result of rainfall events that are at or near the yearly maximum. The floodwaters have flowed both into the historic courthouse (photos were provided) and the adjoining annex, bordering the parking lot to the east of the courthouse. The floods originate in the vicinity of the parking lot and flow south and west into the courthouse complex, exiting onto the downhill streets adjacent to the courthouse (photos were provided).

The repeated flooding events are partially caused by an unusually high water table in this small area. The water table has hit the ground surface in some locations to produce artificial springs. When rain occurs there is little or no infiltration and virtually all of the water flows downhill on the surface as overland flow. Thus a normal rainfall event can lead to water depths on the ground that would be greater than those associated….

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