Help Prudhvi Kanneganti &Family

Support Prudhvi Kanneganti &Family

Danielle Smith Kauza September 4, 2018 at 1:56 am
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“Prudhvi is in ICU with left leg amputated and multiple Fractures, he is currently undergoing multiple surgeries and life preserving treatments.”

25 years old Prudhvi is known to his family and friends as full of dreams, cheerful, energetic and athletic. In the pursuit of his dreams, he moved to USA to do his Masters and then moved to Colorado for work recently.

He met with a near fatal accident on April 24th 2018 evening when he was returning home from work. He was standing on the sidewalk when he was hit by a PICKUP TRUCK (Chevy 1500). He was crushed in between PICKUP TRUCK and a pole. He lost lot of blood and was taken to ER and surgeons had to operate for 6 hours transfusing around 40 units/pints of blood in the process to stop his bleeding (Average adult has around 8-12 pints of blood).

They had to AMPUTATE his left leg below thigh in the process. He is still in ICU in VERY CRITICALcondition. Till now he has been through 6 surgeries and he is still in unconscious state. His Kidneys are damaged and he is on dialysis daily. He has severe Pelvic and Rib fractures. Pancreas are not functioning properly.

The battle for Prudhvi has just begun. He will need many more surgeries and many more months to recover.

Please Pray For Him!!! This GoFundMe account is to help Prudhvi and his family to go through this tough time. We would greatly appreciate any kind of support, not just monetary. Your prayers, thoughts, and energy will go a long way.

Please help us share this page and raise awareness for Prudhvi.

We thank each and every one of you for supporting Prudhvi and his family in his time of need and we will continue to update this page about his progress.

Thank you and God bless you!

Contact information:
Mr. Kalyan – +1 (720) 453-3363
Mr. Sandeep – +1 (248) 971-9951
Mr. Prahlad – +1 (720) 290-9095
Mr. Shailesh – +1 (720) 937-0305
Dr. Sarita  – +1 (303) 856-5121 (Colorado Telugu Association)
Mr. Aravind – +91 9491753680 (INDIA)
Mr. Poojith – +1 (778) 835 0343 (CANADA)

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