Backend Update

Salam ‘alaykum,

Adam Jamal here.

I just wanted to update all our supporters.

Less than a year ago Hani and I were able to raise around $96,064 to become the most-funded mobile app on Launchgood. This was beyond our wildest expectations and we set to work immediately.

Download the app here if you haven’t already.

On the one hand, we’ve learned so much about what it takes to build an app from scratch. (And how expensive good mobile development is!). We learned how to manage the product and which features to prioritize. We’ve been able to get help from some really smart people that are in the app building space.

The amazing thing is even though I’ve been teaching for over 10 years, I’ve learned a lot about what the best methods for learning are. I’ve been able to look at learning data from millions of Quranic Arabic words that have been learned by thousands of Muslims from all over the world.

We’ve been able to put together an awesome team.

We have a team of over 9 people working on this project, 2 are full-time and the rest are part-time or volunteers.

We have:

1 Project manager, 2 full-time developers, 1 Product lead, 1 marketing consultant, 1 UI/UX designer, 1 illustrator, 2 lesson creators, and 1 social media manager. Alhamdulillah.

We’ve been able to deliver on our promises and more.

Here’s everything we’ve been able to do:

  1. Launch Quranic on iOS within 3 months of gaining funding

  2. Launch Quranic on Android and fully catch up with iOS features

  3. Added Word Review game

  4. Added Word Review algorithm which remembers your weakest words.

  5. Added 60+ lessons all with their own unique illustrations teaching the 400-500 most frequent words in the Quran that make up nearly 70% of the Quran (easier than learning all 13000 words!)

    1. Story of Maryam (a)

    2. Story of Ibrahim (a)

    3. Story of Adam (a)

    4. Salah words

    5. 3 Quls

    6. Short Surahs

    7. Du’as

    8. More lessons to be added every month: Ayatul Kursi, Prophets Yunus, Ayyub, Hud, Nuh, Salih, Musa (as)

  6. Added a test feature to make sure Quranic students know they really are learning so quickly!

  7. Achieved and maintained a 4-5 star rating on both app stores and made sure to respond to critical feedback

  8. Adding a streak feature to encourage people to study every day

  9. Creating a Quranic Arabic Level 1 Course

    1. Coming soon:

      1. Level 2 (textbook is ready)

      2. Level 1 Teacher Training Course

      3. Alphabet Course

  10. Host Quranic Arabic Level 1 in New York, Philadelphia, and South Africa.

  11. Achieved nearly 20,000 downloads!

  12. Added a strength bar system to encourage students to perfect their learning

  13. Added our own Audio for EVERY word our students learn, recited by one of my students Haafiz Bilaal

  14. We were able to make many “Quality of life” enhancements and we squashed a lot of bugs!!!!

  15. Updated Quranic every 2-3 weeks since Ramadan

This definitely isn’t the end of our journey.

Thanks for your support!

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback, please email us at

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